Orara Valley Honey was pleased to provide sponsorship for the recent North Coast Equestrian Club dressage championships.

Our sponsorship included a contribution towards a trophy rug for champion and honey for other class winners.

It was great to see our friend Christine Duver win the Orara Valley Honey trophy rug.

Christine and her husband Wayne own North Coast Christmas Trees in the Orara Valley.

North Coast Christmas trees also sponsored the event.

We would like to thank Christine for her kind comments below.

Hi Glenn
On behalf of NCEC I would very much like to thank you for sponsoring our recent Spring Dressage Championships. Without your sponsorship events such as this are impossible to stage without significant costs to the club and we very much appreciate your support. The embroidered rugs looked fabulous and the event was very well supported. As the winner of your “Orara Valley Honey” rug I have even more reason to thank you. Winny will really appreciate having something clean and smart to wear when he goes out, instead of his scruffy old rugs he normally wears. We already know how delicious your honey is, but will continue to promote it to others!
Kind regards
Christine Duver
NCEC Dressage Coordinator

Orara Valley Honey is local raw and real.

Our honey is available from our farm gate at 1247 Eastbank Road Nana Glen or from our wonderful retailers:

BP Coramba

Nana Glen General Store

Beetween Friends Karangi

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