Online Beekeeping Resources

online beekeeping resources

Mt. Coramba Apiculture has put together a list of online beekeeping resources that we think will be helpful to new and experienced beekeepers alike.

The Australian Honeybee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice.

The Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice (the Code) has been developed in consultation with beekeepers and governments to provide a framework for Australian beekeepers to use best-practice biosecurity measures.

The Code has been developed to incorporate fundamental biosecurity principles into the practices of all Australian beekeepers.

  • Training and planning
  • Reducing exposure of bees to pests and diseases
  • Controlling pests and diseases
  • Controlling the spread of undetected disease in an apiary
  • Keeping accurate records
  • Hive and equipment maintenance

Some sections of the Code are already mandatory under existing state and territory legislation. Some parts of the Code apply to all beekeepers; others apply only to beekeepers with 50 or more hives.


Honey.  Harvesting & Extracting.

Honey, Harvesting and Extracting is an essential manual for anyone wishing to remove and extract honey under the best possible conditions.

It is also a reference manual for all serious beekeepers who wish to ensure they do everything possible to maintain the highest quality, honey.

Honey, Harvesting and Extracting is focused on the commercial production and handling of honey, but also provides helpful information for recreational and side-line honey producers.  This book informs beekeepers of best practices so that their hard work results in a product of optimum quality.

It also describes the threats to honey quality which can occur through poor handling skills or poor design of facilities, and it includes references to legislation about food production, where relevant.

This very informative book also shows the way to document procedures so that they can be used as evidence of best practice.

Bee Agskills

The ebook Bee Agskills is a clear, practical guide to beekeeping produced by a team of experienced apiarists. Bee Agskills covers some topics including how to:

  • Use a bee smoker and work safely with bees.
  • maintain hives
  • catch a swarm
  • remove and extract honey
  • replace a queen bee
  • recognise everyday health and pest problems in beehives.

The Australian Beekeeping Guide

Australia’s honey bee and pollination industries make a fundamental contribution to the Australian economy and way of life. Healthy honey bee colonies are necessary for the pollination and economic viability of honey bee dependant horticultural and seed crops. In addition to commercial and sideline beekeeping enterprises, thousands of hobby beekeepers throughout Australia gain considerable recreational pleasure by keeping honey bee colonies.

The Australian Beekeeping Guide provides basic information to assist beginner and sideline beekeepers. It draws on the knowledge and experience of apiculture scientists, various state and territory apiary inspectors and apiary officers, and most importantly, the many beekeepers who enjoy keeping bees.

Bee Friendly: A Planting Guide for European Honeybees and Australian Native Pollinators

Bee Friendly gives ideas and choices of species to bring about improved outcomes for honeybees and the Australian pollen- and nectar- using fauna, including mammals, insects and birds.

Biosecurity Manual for Beekeepers

The Biosecurity Manual for Beekeepers is published by Plant Health Australia, and it covers many aspects of bee health and beekeeping in general, and it’s free.


BeeAware is a hub of information for beekeepers and growers about honey bee biosecurity and pollination of agricultural and horticultural crops.

The site contains an extensive range of information about exotic and established pests and diseases of honey bees and helps beekeepers to identify and respond to these pest threats. It also contains information about the pollination of crops and how beekeepers and growers can work together to provide and receive best practice pollination services.

BeeAware is funded by the Australian honey bee industry, pollinator-reliant plant industries, Plant Health Australia, governments and R&D agencies.

Healthy Bees: Managing Pests, Diseases and Other Disorders of the Honey Bee

The ebook Healthy Bees provides bee-keepers with a guide to the common pests and diseases of bees.  It also covers:

  • seasonal factors that affect the health of the colony,
  • nutrition,
  • non-infectious disorders,
  • diseases,
  • exotic pests,
  • and strategies to prevent them.

Healthy Bees: Testing for Hygienic Behaviour

The ebook Healthy Bees: Testing for Hygienic Behaviour is a practical step-by-step guide to testing for hygienic behaviour in your bees. Hygienic behaviour is a characteristic of honey bees that promotes resistance to many pests and diseases.

Queen Bee Breeding

Whether your goal is to rear a few queen bees or thousands, Queen Bee Breeding provides the necessary knowledge and instruction to get you started and can be applied to beekeeping operations ranging from several thousand colonies to one or two.

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