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mt coramba apiculture

Beekeeping is an incredibly rewarding pastime.

Mt Coramba Apiculture is a small beekeeping business based in the Orara Valley, west of Coffs Harbour in Northern NSW, Australia.

Interest in beekeeping has surged recently as people become more aware of the important role of bees in our environment.

Provided that you follow a few basic rules, anyone can keep a couple of beehives in a suburban backyard.

A well-managed beehive can produce up to 80 kilograms of honey for you and your family every year.

Recently, with the invention of the Flow Hive, you don’t need to buy any extracting equipment and you can harvest fresh, raw honey straight from your own backyard beehive.

Mt Coramba Apiculture can supply high-quality honey bee nucleus hives and queen bees to hobbyist and small-scale beekeepers.

We also collect honey bee swarms and removed established beehives from wall cavities and any other space where they are not wanted.

Our Orara Valley Honey can be purchased from our growing range retailers based in the Orara Valley and Coffs Harbour.

Mt Coramba Apiculture also offers beekeeper training, mentoring and troubleshooting services to beekeepers.

We are experienced and fully insured.

Contact us to find out how we can assist you.

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