About Our Honey

Orara Valley Honey is produced in the fertile Orara Valley just to the west of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia.

We harvest our honey entirely in the Orara Valley.  It is a natural blend of the native honey flora that surrounds the area consisting of eucalypts, melaleuca and horticultural crops.

Orara Valley Honey is local, raw & real.

  • Orara Valley Honey is not heated.
  • Our honey production hives are not treated with antibiotics.
  • No chemicals are used for pest control.
  • We practice ethical beekeeping methods and always leave our bees with enough honey to sustain them.

Our honey is cold extracted the old fashioned way in a centrifugal extractor.

It is coarsely strained to remove wax particles, and stored in food grade containers until then poured into our one kilo or 500 gram retail jars.

Crystallised (candied) honey is warmed and re-liquified to no greater than 41 degrees celsius to ensure that the honey retains its natural, healthy properties.

Orara Valley Honey retains all of the local pollens.  Some of our customers report that consuming our honey reduces the effects of hay fever and pollen allergies.

Honey Available

Our products are available in one kilo and 500 gram containers.

If you require larger amounts we can also supply bulk honey in 10 litre buckets.

We can also fill up your container from our bulk dispensers.

We visit Coffs Harbour several times a week and we can deliver our delicious, raw honey to your door at no extra cost.

If you live in or are passing through the Coffs Harbour area you can purchase our products from our fantastic retailers;

BP Coramba – 33 Gale Street Coramba


Karangi General Store 992 Coramba Road Karangi

Nana Glen General Store – 16- 18 Nana Street Nana Glen


Beetween Friends Karangi


Milk n More Coffs Harbour

Contact us to find out more about our honey.

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