YouTube Beekeeping

YouTube beekeeping

It seems like there are millions of YouTube beekeeping resources to choose from.  Mt. Coramba Apiculture has compiled a list of our favourite YouTube beekeeping channels for you to view.  Contact us if you have any suggestions to add.

Our list of YouTube Beekeeping videos.

Trevor Gillbanks

Trevor Gillbanks is a beekeeper from New Zealand who offers sound advice to novice beekeepers.  His videos are particularly well produced and very informative.  Trevor Gillbanks is sponsored by Eckrotek Beekeeping Supplies, and their website is well worth a look

Flow Hive

The Flow Hive site contains a lot of promotional videos however their Beginner Beekeeping playlist passes on some great tips about beekeeping.

The Norfolk Honey Company

Based in the UK, The Norfolk Honey Company has hours of reliable beekeeping information for all levels. Stewart Spinks has excellent advice covering an extensive range of topics.

Australian Honeybee

Australian Honeybee is the YouTube site of a Canberra based beekeeping company.  Many of the videos are related to the paradise honey beehives. However, there are some great general beekeeping topics covered.

JP the Beeman

JP the Beeman is from the deep south of the USA. He specialises in swarm captures and cutouts.  Anyone who is even thinking of attempting a cutout should watch as many of JP’s videos as possible.

Kotuku Creek Flowhive

Coffs Harbour locals Rod & Christine Bulley run the YouTube site Kotuku Creek Flowhive.  Follow Rod & Christine’s experiences from the arrival of the bees to the harvesting of honey.

Beekeeping on the Move

Beekeeping on the Move was made by The National Film Board in 1947.  Directed by Shan Benson. Migratory beekeepers move their hives around the country, following the blossom. This film follows two apiarists from the Bega region of New South Wales, who take their bees to a stand where the trees are flowering. They set up their hives, and the bees are released to take their store of honey from the surrounding bush. The keepers themselves go bush while the bees are on the job. The honey is then extracted from the combs on the spot using a portable extractor. After a few weeks, when the stand has been worked out, the beekeepers and their hives move on.

After this film was published on YouTube, the local Bega newspaper ran it on their site and was eventually able to identify the two men featured as Ernie E Abrams and Ron Shuhkraft. They uncovered an exciting backstory to these two men which you can read here: Beekeeping on the Move

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  1. Cain English says:

    Thanks Glenn for a wonderful Sunday spent relaxing with the bees. I cannot recommend enough the one-on-one full day workshop! Very informative, very relaxed pace, and a really nicely balanced education session covering hive basics, disease control, harvesting, and trouble shooting. The real plus was being able to access so many different hives in order to learn what is a healthy fuctioning “hive” vs what is a box full of bees. Highly recommended.

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