Flow Hive

flow hive

The flow hive was the topic of discussion at the November meeting of the Mid North Coast Amateur Beekeepers Association.

The monthly gathering was held at the home of Jerome Allen at South West Rocks.

Special guest for the meeting was Stuart Anderson who in conjunction with his son Cedar, invented the now world-famous flow hive.


A larger than regular gathering took part in a quick hive inspection.

Stuart Anderson then delivered a talk about the process of developing the Flow hive frames and the subsequent crowdfunding experience.

It was terrific to hear Stuart describe his experiences.

Stuart answered numerous questions about his invention and beekeeping in general.

Jerome Allen, who has been a dedicated member of the Mid North Coast Beekeepers Association.

Jerome has enthusiastically taken to the Flow hive concept, and his apiary is multiplying.

A flow frame was tapped, and honey flowed quickly and easily into a waiting jar via the plastic tube.

Stuart Anderson recommended that the Flow hive should be angled towards the back so that the honey will flow freely from the frame.

He also suggested that the cells should be opened gradually to avoid a significant amount of honey spilling out of the collecting chamber at the bottom.

Mt. Coramba Apiculture would like to the thank the Mid North Coast Amateur Beekeepers Association and most of all, Jerome Allen for making it possible for Stuart Anderson to visit.

Mt. Coramba Apiculture specialises in supplying honey bee nucleus hives and queen bees.

We can install our honeybee nucs directly into your Flow hive and provide ongoing reliable advice and mentoring.

Orara Valley Honey have a Flow hive set up and functioning in our apiary in Nana Glen.

We are always happy to demonstrate how they work and show prospective beekeepers through our hives.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

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