Swarming is the natural way for bees to reproduce.

Mt. Coramba Apiculture are honeybee swarm removal specialists.

Honey bee swarm removal is a simple process.

Honey bees get the urge to swarm when the hive becomes crowded with brood, bees and honey.

The old queen and most of the field bees leave the hive in a large swarm and settle in a convenient place nearby while scout bees go and seek out a new home for the colony.  Swarms tend to take off on a warm sunny day from mid morning to mid afternoon.

Swarming tends to occur in northern New South Wales from early August through to the end of summer.

Provided they are left alone swarming bees are very docile and rarely sting.

Please never spray them with water or pesticides.

Our experience beekeeper can remove swarms quickly and easily provided they are accessible.

When you contact us about a swarm we need to know:

  • Where you are,
  • The size of the swarm e.g. football size,
  • Accessibility e.g. will we need a ladder or can they be collected from the ground
  • How long have they been there

It is great if you can take a photo for us to see.  A picture tells a thousand words.

Our services for bee  swarm removal are mostly free depending on difficulty.

It is polite to offer something towards the cost of fuel and time.

Contact us for information about honey bee swarm relocation.

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