Beekeeping Courses and Workshops for Beginners to Advanced

We regret that due to the current restrictions imposed by the Biosecurity (Varroa mite) Emergency Order we are not able to offer beekeeping workshops at the moment.  All of our hives and our extracting shed are in the Coffs Harbour red zone which significantly limits our beekeeping activities. 

Have you been thinking about beekeeping courses to help you to get started in beekeeping?

Learning to become a beekeeper can seem daunting for anyone who has had no exposure to bees. 

Online beekeeping resources such as YouTube and Facebook groups can be helpful however there is nothing like the real thing to learn beekeeping.

Our beekeeping courses and workshops can be structured to suit your beekeeping experience level.  

Glenn Locke, our experienced and qualified trainer, can deliver informal, one on one introductory beekeeping classes to people who have never handled bees.  

Glenn can also tailor more advanced topics for beekeepers who want to take that step further into beekeeping.  

Beekeeper training can be delivered to individuals, families and groups at a time that is convenient for you.

We are based in Coffs Harbour on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales.

Mt. Coramba Apiculture offers three types of beekeeping workshop experiences.