Queen Bees

Mt. Coramba Apiculture can supply mated queen bees from October until March each year.

1 July 2019. Thanks for visiting our Queen Bee page.  Please note that we are fully booked for the 2019/2020 season.  We don’t have a waiting list.  Any excess queens that we have for sale will be advertised here.

Our Orara Valley queen bees are bred from a high-quality breeder queen selected for docility, hygienic behaviour, honey production & disease resistance.

Mated queen bees are produced from 12 to 24-hour old worker larvae grafted into queen cells then and then placed into a specially prepared cell starter hive.

All of our production takes place in the Orara Valley, northern NSW, Australia.

We use the Cloake Method of queen production.  To be more specific we like to follow the method used by the well known American Beekeeper, Michael Palmer.

Orara Valley mated queens are raised in 3 frame, full depth nucleus hives and allowed to lay for at least 28 days as the colony expands so that good brood laying patterns can be observed before sale.


Queen bees should be replaced when:

  • Your beehive is aggressive.
  • The beehive is performing poorly, e.g. disease, poor laying pattern.
  • The queen is more than two years old.

Please contact us directly to inquire about availability

Our philosophy is quality over quantity, and we only sell healthy queens with a stable laying pattern.

All of our queens can be marked on the thorax with the colour of your choice so long as it is pink or yellow.  This helps you locate your queen more easily.

The owner of Mt. Coramba Apiculture, Glenn Locke completed the Tocal College 3 day queen bee rearing course in March 2011 and has been successfully raising queen bees for his use since then.

Mt. Coramba Apiculture complies with the Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice.

We take great care to ensure that our queen bees are robust and disease free.

Contact us for more information about our queen bees.

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