Honey Bee Removal

honey bee removal

We specialise in humane honey bee removal.

Mt. Coramba Apiculture recently removed a large colony of honey bees from the wall of a house in Coffs Harbour.

A huge thanks to The Edge Coffs Harbour and their very understanding tenants Shannon & Damien for looking after honeybees and calling a beekeeper rather than a pest controller.

Honey bees frequently choose wall cavities for their home because they offer a warm and dry environment for them to live in.

Humane bee removal from wall cavities is a much better solution than using poisons to kill the bees.  Large bee colonies that are poisoned are unable to defend the hive from Small Hive Beetles.  The beetles reduce the comb, honey and brood to a rotten, fermenting liquid that will leak into your house and damage walls and floor coverings.

Bees in wall cavities and other areas close to people can also make life a little difficult mainly if they are flying where pets and children are active.

We can accurately locate bee colonies in wall cavities using our thermal imaging camera.

honey bee removal

Thermal image of honey bee colony

Accurate pinpointing of the honey bee colony location means less damage to internal wall surfaces or external cladding.

The process generally takes four to five hours depending on the situation and involves:

  • opening up the wall cavity
  • vacuuming or shaking bees off the honeycomb
  • placing brood comb into conventional frames
  • removing honeycomb
  • relocating the bees to a new location

The honey bee removal is usually carried out in the afternoon, and the bees are relocated after dark to ensure that they are all captured in the new hive. Depending on the situation some minor clean up work might be necessary the next morning.

Our honey bee removal service is humane and bee friendly.

The bees are relocated to one of our apiaries and once we are sure that they are free of disease we put them to work producing nucleus hives, queen bees and Orara Valley Honey.

Mt. Coramba Apiculture are experienced and fully insured for public liability.

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honey bee removal

honey bee remova

honey bee removal

honey bee removal

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